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6 Tips for Handling Low-Budget Rehabs in Delaware County

Rehabilitating a property is a more in-depth project than typical fixes and flips, during which someone could likely live in the house. Savvy investors understand the potential profit of an investment property and the value others may not be able to see due to the property’s being in poor condition or a lack of features that are now standard in rental housing. Therefore, when considering properties that require rehabilitation, it is absolutely essential to understand what improvements and restorations are necessary for a rental in the Delaware County real estate market vs. those you would make if it were for your personal use. 

You will also need to know the plan for your exit strategy. Will you be holding the property as a rental or placing it on the market for resale? Is the neighborhood up and coming with rentals, or are properties being snapped up by buyers as quickly as they are listed? Market trends can influence the best course of action for your investment property. Knowing the answers to these questions can help you get started and stay on track. No matter which option you select, fix and flip or long-term rental property, it is always helpful to have a guide, so read on as we explore these six tips for handling low-budget rehabs in Delaware County.

Good Bones

One of the most critical factors of an investment into low-budget rehabs in Delaware County is avoiding money pits. However, it takes a trained eye to spot the red flags that ward off more experienced investors; this is why a professional should be involved in the inspection. And don’t forget, no matter how good the bones are, as an investor you will need to focus on finding the best possible location. While you can improve an investment property, you can’t just pick it up and move it when you realize there is a problem with the location, such as smells wafting in from nearby industrial zones. Again, professional buyers like those at Unlimited Real Estate Solutions can help you find the right investment for your goals. When you work with one of our professional buyers at Unlimited Real Estate Solutions, you are working with a full-service in-house team of industry specialists, including everything from inspectors to attorneys, title and closing specialists and even a property management team.


When you add it all up, the numbers are the bottom line when considering low-budget rehabs in Delaware County. Don’t forget to add some padding to your budget for the unexpected. Determining the risks associated with the subject property can help you decide, but on average, you will need somewhere between 5 – 25% of the budget allotted for the unexpected. For example, an older property may require upgrades to bring wiring, roofing or plumbing up to code. Now, when you work with professional buyers like those at Unlimited Real Estate Solutions and their team to help you step by step, you can relax knowing you will stay within your budget on your low-budget rehabs in Delaware County. 


In Delaware County, a majority of the low-budget rehabs have timelines that start with purchasing the property. This is followed by obtaining all necessary permits and approvals before undergoing demolition and construction activities. The timeline also includes post-construction clean-up, as well as final inspections from county officials. Depending on the scope of work required, this entire process can take anywhere from two months to 12 months or longer.

During this time frame, holding costs will continue to accumulate for investors who are rehabbing low-budget properties in Delaware County. Therefore, it’s important for real estate investors to factor in these expenses when creating their budget for an investment property. Such costs include mortgage payments, taxes, insurance premiums, and utility bills. Additionally, real estate investors must also know their timeline and budget ahead of time in order to make sure they’re able to cover all expected costs along the way.


When you seek to invest in low- rehabs in Delaware County, there is often room for negotiation in the asking price. Most importantly, you will need to predetermine your budget limits and stick to them, purchasing the best-priced property in the best possible location to fit your goals. Professional buyers like those at Unlimited Real Estate Solutions have experience negotiating in all types of settings with all types of individuals and know how to read people and deal fairly with sellers while making good deals for investors. The seasoned professional buyers at Unlimited Real Estate Solutions are experts at negotiations.

Unlimited Real Estate Solutions

The professional buyers at Unlimited Real Estate Solutions are highly educated professionals and accomplished local Delaware County investors who are passionate about helping our neighbors, improving our community, increasing property values and being a part of your success. At Unlimited Real Estate Solutions, when our investors succeed, we succeed. In addition, you will benefit from the vast connections at Unlimited Real Estate Solutions built over years of working with skilled local industry pros with the mindset of investors who understand your need for a quick, reliable assessment of investment properties and the best possible outcome for your rehab project. Call Unlimited Real Estate Solutions at 484-286-5595.

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