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How Much Should I Ask for My Home?

How Much Should I Ask for My Home?
Sean Castoff:
Hi, this is Sean Castoff in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. And in today’s video, I want to answer the question, how much should I ask for my home? So when considering this question, there are a few different things you should look at. Number one, the conditions of the market. Number two, needs versus wants. And number three, the timing. So when looking at the conditions of the market, consider is it a buyer’s market or is it a seller’s market? If it’s a seller’s market, you can afford to be a little bit more aggressive in your pricing. Versus a buyer’s market, you need to consider all those factors involved. Number two, needs versus wants. So going into this process, you might have a number in mind that you want to get for your property, but you need to consider what other comparable houses are selling for around you in a comparable condition to develop the number that you need to get in order to pay off that mortgage or move to your next property or whatever that might be.

And then third is the timing. So you might have to sell your house because you are being moved for a job relocation, or you might not need to sell your house, you just are ready to move on and find a different place to go or you may be looking to rent something and it doesn’t matter if you sell your house in a month or in two years. So consider those three things when getting ready to price your property for sale on the market. If you would like to discuss what we can offer as a quick, fast, fair cash offer for your property, give us a call at (484) 286-5595 or fill out a form on our website. I’d be happy to reach out and discuss more about our process.
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